K-3867 Swift Creek Bluffs State Nature Preserve #1 20220805

Amateur Radio, Portable, POTA

For my first attempt at this park see K-3867 Swift Creek Bluffs State Nature Preserve

I had tried to activate this park before but when I got passed #8 my battery went dead. No fault of my battery.  I hadn’t charged it in the last six activations.  Lesson learned.  I am gaining more confidence in the set up of the Chameleon Portable HF Antenna CHA HYBRID Micro.  This park has a small lot for parking so I backed up the car to the far corner.

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K-6948 Sandy Creek State Game Land #1 20220730

Amateur Radio, Portable, POTA





I need to step up my game and activate more North Carolina parks quicker.  At this rate it will take me four years to activate the parks.  Today’s activation was a success.  I was able to activate the park without getting my car damaged.  I was pretty good navigating out of my spot utilizing several 3 point turns.  When I first entered I was going to investigate the game land further but a tree limb was blocking the way.

Using my pneumatic antenna wire launcher I was able to hang my MFJ-1984MP  but after getting one contact on 20 and trying more I decided to try to tune 40 and had no luck.  I ended up putting up my vertical antenna and completing my activation.  I will need to do more experimenting and see why i have had great success with it in the past but it’s hit and miss now.  Thank you for reading. Be sure to visit my POTA page.

As a result of this activation I received the Silver activator award.

K-0713 Richmond National Battlefield #1 20220725

Amateur Radio, Portable, POTA


My friends son’s dog Rooney. It was her first activation

As everyone knows that follows me my goal is to activate every park in North Carolina (230).  This is not North Carolina.  This does not prevent me from activating parks in other states as I visit for other reasons. My friend W4JE wanted me to rescue some spare parts from the storage room so we planned to meet at a mutually agreeable location in Virginia.  This time I selected a park. We had met at gas stations, television broadcast stations, etc. but never at a park for activation.  We chose K-0718 Richmond National Battlefield. 

While waiting for Andy to show I started getting everything ready. I guess I cross threaded something in my Chameleon Vertical antenna because I didn’t get it set up before Andy arrived.


Andy being a engineer was able to correct the situation and we were able to complete setting up the station.


Andy made the first contact with W4BWY in North Carolina.  This met my first goal of making at least one contact.  I proceeded to make 11 contacts and someone started giving the preamble to his net without asking if frequency is in use. When they paused I indicated that the frequency was in use. He informed me that they had been using that frequency for 40 years and etc. For everyone’s benefit 14.243 Mhz is a frequency that is owned by a net. (Kidding)  I asked him if I could contact the last station I was working and he agreed so I made the last contact and I relinquished the frequency.  It kind of put a damper on things but I did sweep thru the bands and made a few more contacts.  

As a net control station myself for a net going on since 1938 I have had ongoing qso’s before on net frequency and usually if I asked I haven’t had anyone turn me down on relinquishing the frequency. Maybe that person didn’t hear me and just was following his routine.  For everyone’s reference I copied this from the fcc.gov website.

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My contacts

K-2738 Jones River State Park #1 20220716

Amateur Radio, Portable, POTA
Sandhills Amateur Radio Club Meeting and Support Your Park Event

The reason for picking this park to activate was because Sandhills Amateur Radio Club had their meeting there for July and promoted it as a Support Your Park event. As I was checking in I asked where the amateur radio event was and she pointed Me in that direction.  I knew it shouldn’t be too hard to find an amateur radio event.  After a few minutes of walking I spotted the antenna hanging in the tree.

The grilled hotdogs with all the trimmings were great. I don’t like it when they have hotdogs without the chili. The club had a business meeting and explained the antenna and radio equipment set up. After the meeting it was time to activate the park.  After a delay in anyone volunteering to come up I stepped up to the microphone.  They had a great setup. WO4ROG did the logging and I did the CQ’s.  I am use to handing the microphone to a second operator but we didn’t do it that way. We just switched to another operator after I completed 22 contacts. After everyone that wanted to operate did so it was time to pack up. I headed my way over to the campground.


The Camping Experience 

It was not a good weekend for camping.  It was so hot I couldn’t concentrate on setting up the Eureka tent properly.  I was able to set up three second tent.  The trouble with the three second tent was that it is a little too short for me.

Lessons Learned 


I prefer camp sites with water and electricity.  Electricity for charging batteries. I didn’t have the flexibility to change dates because this was for an event.

Campsites with trees “shady” versus campsite in full sun.  I found out I need to check this. Campsite #16 was in full sun.  It was also next to the handicapped parking spot next to the restroom.  I chose this site to be next to the restroom overlooking the shade aspect. I need to consider options when camping in the summer like maybe camping in the mountains.


K-6838 Duke Homestead State Historic Site #1 20220713

Amateur Radio, Portable, POTA

Thanks to the hunters and the Park to Park contacts.  The park is 45 minutes from my home in Wendell. Met my goal of park activation. I always like to make a brief tour of the museum visitor center if  they have one. I did so on this one today.  I told the staff what I planned was to do and they said no problem as long as it was not an illegal activity. I scouted out the area and I found the picnic tables and found one under a nice shade tree.

I was able to make the contacts in about 45 minutes.  The biggest problem I had today was pulling out the stake. I had to bang it several times to loosen it before it came out.

If you need to eat and your dietary requirements allow it try Hog Heaven BBQ 2419 Guess Rd, Durham. It is nearby the park.

I hope to activate all North Carolina POTA Parks.  Follow my progress POTA



K-1324 Westmoreland State Park

Amateur Radio, Portable, POTA

My friend KX4ZG had never activated a park before.  We parked in the parking lot and had a successful activation. We operated from Mark’s truck and I failed to get any photos. That is very unusual for me.  This may be a Multiple park situation co-located with: K-4567 – Capt John Smith Chesapeake NHT K-4581 – Star-Spangled Banner NHT, but I wasn’t sure of the locations so we just activated the one park

K-6833 and K-8313 Activating Bentonville Battleground

Amateur Radio, Portable, POTA

I kept on noticing an activator NC4XL getting over 100 contacts when he activated a park. I only got 12 contacts and barely activated a park.  He is close by so I decided to send him and email asking him how he did it. He responded with a telephone call.  We met two days later and activated two parks.  Here is the video of our activity that day.