K-1299 My First Solo Activation Weekend

Amateur Radio, POTA



N4MQU at K-1299

This is a recap of my first solo activation weekend at K-1299 First Landing State Park in Virginia Beach, VA. This park happens to be near my hometown of Norfolk, VA. The trip was first planned as a camping POTA (amateur radio) weekend but turned out to be a family, camping, POTA weekend.  See The article   It was planned with a record two week lead time.  

First chance I had to operate came on Saturday.  I set up my Vertical antenna.  My first goal is to make 1 contact. My second goal is to make 10 contacts and activate the park.

Saturday 4/30

Sunday contacts 

After the family left I started a fire. Just a little hint if there is a build up of ashes clear it out.

I started operating at 7:00 PM ET  thinking  the late shift started. I found out it didn’t start until 8:00 PM. So I was able to get the Saturday, Sunday and Monday activated because in UTC time changes to the next day at 8:00 PM. Does anyone else get confused about UTC? 
Some of my amateur friends get over a 100 contacts. I was satisfied to just activating a park.

Sunday 5/1/

Monday at this time it started getting dark and I should have had my lantern with me.  I was able to hold my frequency and tell me fans to excuse me while I retrieved my lantern.

A new neighbor from the campground came by and asked to borrow a can opener. I was able to provide him one. He said he was from Virginia Beach and was there just for the night. I explained what I was doing but didn’t get any reaction. Sometimes I have a nice conversation with visitors and sometimes I don’t.  It seems funny the campground was crowded Saturday but by Sunday it had cleared out. Really nice and quiet. I guess one of the benefits of being retired I can camp during the week. 

Monday 5/2

I completed my activation and reflected my weekend around the campfire.

The next morning after a nice sleep I packed up the gear and attempted to get into K-8203 Cape Henry National Memorial. It is just down the street and it is inside a military base.  The officer told me the memorial was not open and I would have to come back at 10. I had about 30 minutes and hadn’t had breakfast and stopped at McDonald’s. I went back to the base and was told the memorial was not opened until 11. I asked is the schedule posted and he said the base is in a fluid situation and in order to get in I would need an escort.  Maybe next time I can get someone with the proper credentials and get in. The park had only been activated 10 times. I see why.  When I was growing up my father worked at the shipyard and he could get into any base with his credentials.  The good ole days.

After that I decided to go to K-0560 Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge. This was my old site my astronomy club had used for our night time observing. By this time it had gotten hot and I was not prepared with water and still had a 3 hour drive home. I did enjoy seeing my old hang out. I chose to come at another time. Thanks for reading.

Family, Camping, and Amateur Radio

Amateur Radio, Camping, Family

Had a great weekend near my birthplace Norfolk, VA. I knew it as Seashore State Park but it is now known as First Landing State Park. My amateur radio Parks on the Air (POTA) knows it as K-1299. See my article on thatAfter arriving I was able to set up my tent in 30 minutes record time for me.

This weekend was planned and booked in a couple of weeks after finding out my nephew and his son wanted to camp. In the old days you had to take your chances by just showing up. Now we have on line reservations. That was a nice change. The early weather forecast was great for camping.

My nephew and his son showed up and set up their tent we had easy to make dinner of sandwiches. 
We took a walk to the beach. Sorry for the blurry photos.

After a nights sleep and breakfast of Poptarts and lunch Davin Jr got to eat his first MRE.

After lunch we all took a ride to my nephew’s home to pick up his dog Roxy.  We decided to go out to dinner at a nice dinner at a local Italian restaurant. Earlier I had discovered I had forgotten the hotdogs and potato salad at home.  In addition Davin gave me a nice tour of Ocean View and told me about all the changes over the years.  I am concerned they are not allowing for low income housing (lol). After the great dinner we went back to pick up Roxy and went back to camping.  



Davin, Jr, Davin and Roxy

Roxy survived her first night camping. I was surprised at Roxy’s reaction every time her dad or son left she showed a lot of anxiety. By the end of the day she was showing that when I had to leave.  

Sunday Davin and Jr took down the tent and packed to return to an afternoon of baseball. I joined them after I was promised a ride back to camp. My sister Darlene also joined us so it made it a family event.

Jr is #36

Davin Jr’s turn video

The day ended with the family going out to another nice restaurant and Norfolk and headed I got a ride back to the campsite.  My sister visited the campsite and reminisced about the times we were at Seashore State Park.  
I have to admit I really enjoyed being called Uncle Mark.

For recap of the rest of my weekend see K-1299 My First Solo Activation Weekend

Burnt Offering

God, Jesus

I am listening to the Old Testament. Trying to listen to it for a minimum of 15 minutes.  I was in numbers today.  I was wondering if a burnt offering is available to those of us who has accepted Jesus as our savior?  No. We don’t need a burnt offering.  Jesus died on the cross for our sins.

Calling Versus Desire

God, Prayer

I recently met a friend and he told me he was a retired minister. He retired after 45 years. I asked him how did he get started in that. He said he had a calling in his life. I asked him how did he know it was a calling. He told me he tried to get away from it and couldn’t.

I’ve often wondered what calling there was in my life.

How is that the Holy Spirit is in the Old Testament?

God, Helper, Jesus

I am surprised every time when I see the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament. Psa 51:11 Cast me not away from your presence, and take not your Holy Spirit from me. Does that mean God has a Holy Spirit before Jesus was born? Some of these questions I do not know the answer to. But I will explore more. Isa 63:10 But they rebelled and grieved his Holy Spirit;
therefore he turned to be their enemy, and himself fought against them. Reading the whole verse I find the Headline

Create in Me a Clean Heart, O God

That is amazing. Sometimes I find reading the Old Testament tough. But it may be something as equally important to dive into as the New Testament. I felt God tell me this morning to skip the 7:00 news and continue in my word. I discovered something new.  Thanks for reading. 

Do You Treat Your Body as a Temple of the Holy Spirit?

Helper, Jesus, Portable, Prayer, Temple

Did you know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit? Do you treat it that way? Do you follow your doctors instructions on your exercise and dietary guidelines?


1Co 6:19

Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own,

1Co 6:20

for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body.


Let’s see if we can start improving our body. Start a daily exercise program.  I’ve read somewhere just 15 minutes a day would help your improve your heart muscle. Feel free to acknowledge that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit by completing the form below.




The Holy Spirit

Jesus, spirit

Once you accept Jesus as your savior you get a Helper The Holy Spirit The Holy Spirit will teach you.  What does it teach you? Right from wrong for one thing.  You will start learning about Jesus by wanting to learn everything in the Bible. Will the helper keep you from sinning?  I am afraid not.  When we do sin we have an advocate.