K-3854 Flower Hill State Nature Preserve #10 20220817

Amateur Radio, Portable, POTA

Great weather for activating the park today.  I started off with a good breakfast and started my first workout at the gym I joined.  I hope by taking better care of myself I will have more energy to activate parks. Hanging up my Endfed antenna took a little longer than what I wanted (45 minutes) due to the wire getting tangled and the string getting tangled but when I finished I had good swr for a change unlike what happened at my last activation. I suppose my set up time will be reduced with practice like they way it is with my vertical.  I did have a visitor stop by. Jason the carpenter was curious about what we were doing out here. Several of us have been activating the park.   I told him we are amateur radio operators and we were talking to people all over the world.  I told him about how to get licensed and had him take a picture of my ocr code for the website. This was maybe my second time with the Endfed at an activation.    
Thanks for reading keep checking my activities on POTA.