SWL at the Local Park


I am taking a look at the hobby of Short Wave Radio Listening (SWL) with fresh perspective and a new radio.  

Tecsun H-501x

So far I have enjoyed the features of the radio.  Rich stereo sound, direct digital entry of frequencies two tuning knobs one for regular tuning the other for fine tuning. I heard radio Cuba on 15140 kHz. I also heard I think was FT8 on 14075. I also heard someone preaching on several different frequencies along with non English stations throughout the bands. I will enjoy learning more about this radio.  Be careful where you order it from to make sure you get the rechargeable batteries and charger.  I ordered mine from https://www.anon-co.com/product/tecsun-h501x-radio for $298 plus about $20 shipping.  I ordered it Sunday night and received it Wednesday.  Be sure to check out the YouTube reviews.