Calling the JARS Prep Net

Amateur Radio, NCS

While waiting for the JARS Prep Net to start on (147.270 at 9:00 PM Tuesdays)Last night the founder of the KS 4TI Doug Williams made a request for a substitute net control station. I had done it last week but he had asked me ahead of time to step in. I waited a few seconds in hopes someone else would pop up but no-one did. I called up. I wasn’t in my normal net control position but decided to do it with my Triband HT TYT. I also connected my outside antenna with a little adapter connector for the ht to connect from the LMR 400 to the HT. I also had to get the MacBook Pro laptop out to log the checkins into the website in order to log my checkins. We had 13. I like to make sure I get the call sign correct and it shows me who they are. Thanks to all the participants. I like the way Doug does the preamble “We cover everything from a 2 day power outage to the Zombie Apocalypse. This is designed to help all participants learn and share their efforts with members of Johnston County and surrounding areas. “ but I haven’t got quite the talent he has for it. I couldn’t remember the word Apocalypse last night. The website shows archives back to 2012 but I am thinking they go back to 2000. Our subjects last night included having food that your kids like to eat for the emergency, can openers, rotating your food out by eating it during regular times, ammo shortage. We also briefly talked about home canning. I need to do that. I have one of those Power quick pot pressure cookers (The one that includes canning not the instant pot). I hate to harp on this our next emergency may not include hams being called out to the local shelter but may be helping your neighbors in the emergency or helping on the radio by directing your fellow hams to needed resources so they can help in an emergency. Your radio skills may come in very useful during those times. In an emergency the signal conditions may not be perfect and you may just hear a partial call but by calling the net you will learn peoples voices and even know their signal levels after awhile.



JARS Prep Net Checkins