How to photograph at night

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The purpose of this article is to help me document what I am learning about photography and maybe help someone else.  I am also learning my Cannon T5i camera. I am trying to learn how to photograph at night so I can take pictures of stars.  I am also trying to learn WordPress so I can write better articles for the Raleigh Astronomy Club  in my position as content manager.  The first thing I learned is I need to use a remote control.  That is it the second thing I need to learn how to use.   Fathers Day 2020 I woke up around 4:00 AM and discovered it was clear.  I was staying in the guest house of my friends rental unit, his family was in the main house. I had left my tripod over there and decided not to retrieve it. So I found a chair to set the camera on and tried to get a picture of Jupiter and Saturn.  


So my question is how do you focus at night.  I guess I am need to learn how to find a far off light in the middle of the night. Another question is why does the camera’s shutter release not work when I am out at night sometimes.  I found out the answer to that question. I changed the setting to Al Servo and it seemed to work better but I don’t want auto focus.So in word press how do I insert a photo. This picture is a picture of Venus near sunrise.


I will be adding to this article shortly.