K-2888 #1 Cheraw State Park

Amateur Radio, K-2888, Portable, POTA

K-2888 Cheraw State Park

28 miles from home This made my 50th unique park activation and my 1000th p2p contact.  This is my 3rd South Carolina Park. It was a nice day at the park.  Thanks to all the hunters and p2p. 21 contacts 2 on 15, 1 on 17, 2 on 40 and 15 on 20.  Looking at the map to extend my park activation list I’ll have to do some driving that may be possible.  But I have 5 parks I can easily get to on a regular basis.

Park restrictions:  As I was leaving on of the rangers said not to use the trees to support the antenna, they are concerned about antenna wire getting caught in trees.  I did not know this when I checked in they didn’t give me any restrictions.