K-6947 #17, K-8010 #24, K-9224

Amateur Radio, Portable, POTA

Three Parks and 2 States

That’s a nice thing about living in a border county. Easily hit another state.  This was not thought of me doing this until recently. I activated 3 parks today

NC K-6947 #17 Sandhills State Game Land 23 phone contacts

NC K-8010  #24 McKinney Lake State Fish Hatchery 39 phone contacts

SC K-9224 Lake #2 Wallace Wildlife Management Area. 14 phone contacts

The recently set of MFJ Short HF Mobile Ham-tenna I obtained made it much easier to set up the antenna. I may have let the rain not motivated me to activate  without having the Ham-tenna . I really appreciate all the hunters and p2p.  I had a blast. De n4mqu