K-6948 Sandy Creek State Game Land #1 20220730

Amateur Radio, Portable, POTA





I need to step up my game and activate more North Carolina parks quicker.  At this rate it will take me four years to activate the parks.  Today’s activation was a success.  I was able to activate the park without getting my car damaged.  I was pretty good navigating out of my spot utilizing several 3 point turns.  When I first entered I was going to investigate the game land further but a tree limb was blocking the way.

Using my pneumatic antenna wire launcher I was able to hang my MFJ-1984MP  but after getting one contact on 20 and trying more I decided to try to tune 40 and had no luck.  I ended up putting up my vertical antenna and completing my activation.  I will need to do more experimenting and see why i have had great success with it in the past but it’s hit and miss now.  Thank you for reading. Be sure to visit my POTA page.

As a result of this activation I received the Silver activator award.