K-8010 #26

Amateur Radio, K-8010, Portable, POTA


My original thought was to use my 17 meter MFJ Short HF Mobile Ham-tenna I received for a birthday gift.  I tried answering a couple of CQs and called on SSB but no joy today. I then used my MFJ-1984MP ENDFED 1/2 Wave 40-10M modified it was tough putting that up I guess I was affected by the heat. I was able to make 2 CW and 14 SSB contacts.  I read something about activators activating a park every day. I applaud all that do. I try to do something in POTA every day but I may miss that. Thanks for the hunters and p2p. And I had to buy a newspaper for the article about working the 4 h campers from K-6947 Wednesday.