My time with Rush

My Testimony, Talk Radio

When you hear Rush Limbaugh you knew where he stood. There was no question. The day I got on the Rush Limbaugh show I wanted to talk to him about my duplicate photos on my Apple computer. Rush was a tech guy. He knew the Apple products. He told me what software to use and It worked! See my page I did on talk radio. It is rare in America a national syndicated host announced that he believed in Jesus and Rush did. He did this long before his announcement.  I knew this day would happen after he announced he had stage IV cancer.  I doubt if I could continue like he did.  Even when I found out I had covid last summer I didn’t want anyone to know but had to let people know when I had to stop going to the various activities I was involved with.  When I called Rush I said I was from Wendell, NC not Raleigh.  I think Rush was genuinely interested in helping me.  A friend heard me on the show and couldn’t believe he was talking about technical things.  If you don’t listen to Rush every day you miss things.  He had his listeners listen to him for three hours and you wouldn’t have to listen to anything else.  I am writing this to you as they are playing the Limbaugh Legacy on his show.  I was hoping his death would be announced this way.  I don’t know if anyone else got ahold of it first I have been avoiding the news.  I had called local shows before and found my heart rate rushed up and I was nervous.  When I called Rush I was calm and felt like I was talking to a friend.  It’s kind of funny how many people listen to Rush Limbaugh.  Many people have told me they heard me on the Rush show.  Some think I have an inside line.  As late as a couple of weeks ago at one of the amateur radio test session I do one of the applicants (a complete stranger)  told me he recognized me from the Rush show.  

I am sure I wasn’t with him on his first day but most likely started listening in 1990 or so.  I couldn’t believe some of the things he was saying.  This guy had the same opinion I had and he expressed it. I had to listen to him in my car at lunch.  I had tried to listen to him at my desk at work but my boss complained.  Everyone else could listen to Rock music and smoke but I couldn’t sit there and suffer thru the smoke listening to Rush.

During the 2008 election I changed my registration from the party I was with to independent.  Because Rush campaign for Operation Chaos to get Hillary more support.  (I have never changed it back.)

Usually Rush announced when he was going to be out for treatment week but last week he was out all week and didn’t come back Monday.  I was afraid things didn’t look good for Rush. Or maybe it was good for Rush since he will be with his savior, and mine and hope yours Jesus Christ. See John 3:16 for more details.  

I am waiting for more instructions from Rush.

I may edit this post and add to it later as more thoughts come.