One Amateur’s Solution to HOA’s Restrictions

Amateur Radio, Outreach, Portable

By Mark Gibson (N4MQU)

When I first moved to North Carolina I upgraded to my amateur radio general class license and spent time on the road.  I started out with a  Tarheel Antenna on my Chevrolet van. After I wore that car out I purchased a Ford Tempo. I don’t have a picture of the antenna on the van but do have a picture of the antenna on the Tempo.  For some reason we had my wives call on the Tempo.



N4MQU’s Tarheel amateur radio antenna. KD4JMJ (XYL) call sign on car.



Fast forward I removed my radio from the car and put it in storage. My friend Doug Williams (KS4TI) expressed interest in it and I unloaded the antenna on him.  I mean he purchased this fine antenna from me at a bargain price.

Fast forward Doug decided that a amateur radio operator should move into a development that had restrictions on what you could have on your own property.  I have known Doug to call this antenna a gaudy antenna. I guess at some point he took it off his vehicle and decided to use it on his homes restricted neighborhood. Here is a couple of images of his antenna.

KS4TI’s Tarheel Antenna in stealth position

KS4TI Tarheel antenna tuned for 80 meters

I’ve known Doug for many years and he conducts the JARS Prep Net amateurs may check in and talk about topics related to keeping you safe and healthy during an emergency every Tuesday night at 9:00 PM on the AK4H repeater in Johnston County.