Radio Propagation Test Over the Potomac

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This experiment consisted of using a Chameleon Hybrid Portable HF Antenna the counterpoise was placed in the Potomac River for the in water experiment and taken out of the out of the water experiment. ** update apparently I connected the counterpoise to the radiator of the antenna** I will have to redo this experiment again.  I made a quick internet search on water propagation experiments and found this document Radio-Wave Propagation Measurements over Sea Water

40 meter out of water SDR in Pennsylvania 

40 meter in water SDR in Pennsylvania 

20 meter out of water SDR in Utah

20 meter in water SDR in Utah

I haven’t used the record feature of the Icom 7100 too much but it wants to separate the transmit and receiver signals so hear is the unedited record

Galapagos Island Contact

I worked a POTA station with two parks

 And I was able to get up with N4AED in Wendell and he had a nice strong signal on 40 meters

The equipment I use for portable operation includes the following:

  1. Icom 7100
  2. Chameleon Portable HF Antenna CHA HYBRID Micro
  3. Cha Spike Mount
  4. Bioenno Power 12V 20Ah 240 Watt-hours Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
  5. Bioenno Power 28 Watt Foldable Solar Panel
  6. Bioenno Power 12V/24V 30A Solar Charge Controller
  7. MFJ Model MFJ-969 Deluxe Versa Tuner II antenna tuner
  8. 3 ring spiral notebook
  9. Ball point pen

am able to carry all the equipment in a backpack and a Apache case. I do have to carry the tuner in my other free hand.

Backpack with antenna and solar panel, Apache case with radio.