TN K-2977 South Cumberland State Park

Amateur Radio, K-2977, Portable, POTA

TN K-2977 South Cumberland State Park

It was interesting operating POTA being in a different state.  One of my loyal hunters W0CGC said he only used 43 watts to reach me since I was on his side of the mountain.  I really appreciate my host my brother in law inviting me to come down. He has 5 parks within easy drive. This one was only 1.4 miles away.  Here are the other possibilities

K-2977 South Cumberland State Park 1.4 miles

K-3941 Grundy Forest State Natural Area 1.4 miles

K-6238 Chimneys State Natural Area 11 miles

K-6257 Natural Bridge State Natural Area 11.7 miles

K-5493 Franklin-Marion State Forest 12.6 miles

I messed up my charging schedule on my faulty iPad I have to hold the cord just right to get it to charge and it failed to charge last night so only a little internet until my technology failed me. I appreciate the hunters who spotted me.

30 contacts thanks to the hunters and p2p. Ranger came out to talk to me. Very friendly. Told me of the other park down the street. Thanks for reading.