20210117 The 5 Day old moon Waxing Crescent

2021Astrophotography, Moon

If you ever wonder how to learn the difference between waxing and wanning I think of it as Waxing the moon is getting bigger, wanning the moon is getting smaller. This morning I was out with the camera learning how to use the camera in the dark. I think I figured it out to turn off the auto stabilizer and the autofocus. Tonight I was able to use the camera right away more or less but I decided to use an older Cannon Zoom lens a friend sold me for a real good deal. The lens is a Cannon Zoom Lens FD 75-200mm. I purchased an adapter for my Cannon t5i camera. So in this case the automatic functions wouldn’t have worked anyway.

Moon 5 Day Old Waxing Crescent. ISO 200 1/30s

Moon with cloudsI

I am still struggling with my focusing but I did forget to wear my glasses tonight. I am working on it.
Moon 5 day old crescent almost gone

Moon 5 day old crescent gone

Later that night the waxing crescent moon as it is setting in the sky. If you can zoom in on it you can see earth shine. I thought it showed the earthshine very nicely. Earthshine is the Earth’s reflected glow on the moon. See this article as an explanation.

Waxing crescent moon showing Earthshine