20210117 Learning Astrophotography


Vega 25 light years from earth. ISO 200 38 mm 0 ev f/5 30.8 s.

If I was to write a book maybe I would name it something like How to persevere thru your struggles.
This morning I wanted to take advantage of the clear sky and continue learning astrophotography.  I can take pictures in the day time but when I am in the dark something makes the camera not want to shoot.  I am also reading the book Astrophotography is Easy.  This is the book that said to keep your glasses on while you take the picture. I hadn’t been doing that because I was afraid I would lose my glasses in the grass.  I think I see the difference already in my images.  I checked the controls inside the house and made sure the autofocus was on MF and the stabilizer was off.  I have a Cannon t5i. I am also using a PRO TW-283 remote shutter control. During my struggles earlier this morning (and earlier times) I would hit the shutter button and nothing would happen. When I took it inside it worked fine. After I turned selected the manual focus and turned off the stabilizer the camera was behaving even in the dark.

ISO 6400 48mm 0 ev f/5.6 14.8s

Focus focus focus.  A friend teased me for the longest time about the most important thing in photography was focus. How do you focus in the dark?  In my driveway I found I had a street light and a neighbors house I could focus on.

ISO 1600 18mm 0 ev f/3.5 0.5s

ISO 200 55mm 0 ev f/5.6 15.6s Looking Southwest. Vega bright star.

Tonight I will attempt astrophotography of the wanning crescent moon.

You may see my earlier attempts on my astronomy page.