W4CEC Amateur Radio Technician Class at Camp Durant

Amateur Radio, Camping, Scouting


By Mark Gibson(N4MQU)

Alternative title are my camping days numbered due to allergies? Thanks to the Occoneechee Council of BSA. We had great weather for camping without any rain that is but at the same time the officials at the camp said no camp fires. Unfortunately my allergies really made me uncomfortable  and have awfully red and irritated eyes. We still had fun with the knowledge of the three other instructors at W4CEC technician class at Camp Durant all 8 students passed their exam and one of them made it to General. Thanks to the VE team of W4CEC WW4TCH, W2CK, W4CEC, N4MQU, WB4SMS, KB4KAC Our youngest applicant was 18 and our oldest was 85.  The class was a three session class starting Friday night continuing to Saturday with a wrap up Sunday with last minute questions and the free exam on Sunday afternoon.  For W4CEC next class and exam visit W4CEC . For the free amateur radio  exam nearest you please visit Laurel VEC

Instructors KB4KAC, WB4SMS, W4CEC. Photo by N4MQU

W4CEC explaining take off angles

Our shelter at camp

Exam day

85 year old KO4QOC

Icom-7100 amateur radio setup

N4MQU demonstration of how to boil water at camp.

KB4KAC assured me I would not starve.

Waxing Gibbous moon made astronomy not a priority on this trip.

They already had tents set up for us. Reminded me of the times I was in the scoutsvback in the 60’s