Astronomy Go Box

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The table has all the equipment I may need. I think my new case will eliminate three cases. I will have to carry it along with my camera, and eyepiece case.

Amateur radio  and astronomy has many things in common but one thing is the many things you you have to carry with you.  I have been trying to get all my astronomy stuff together in one place. I think It will be impossible but I made a dent. At least I have a box for all the equipment that I need to operate my telescope with. I decided to purchase an Apache 4800 case from Harbor Freight. I didn’t have confidence that I would be able to make a neat and organized inside of the case with that foam but I did a reasonable job. I guess I have too much stuff. I decided to keep the 1.25″ diagonal and the 2″ diagonal because I use some of the camera accessories with the 1.25″ diagonal. I purchased an exacto knife thinking I would have to cut the foam but turns out they already figured that out and you just have to pull out the amount of foam the object needs. This case includes the starsense and the finderscope and a red flashlight. I have another case for the eyepieces.

Objects I needed to put in the case before I pulled the foam.

The After foam pull.

Astronomy Go Box First Field Use