Why Amateur Radio?

Amateur Radio, Rescue

By: Mark Gibson (N4MQU)

Stories where amateur radio works when everything else fails.

That old standby, A ham radio saves the day in the backcountry Colorado US

Ham radio aids rescue operations in Pettimudi India 

Hiker Safe with help of ham radio Washington State US

Interested in registering for the Preppernet class, click on the link.

Preppers should not only get a radio they should also get their technician class license at the minimum.  Its one thing to have a radio to use in an emergency but you should get your license and learn how the radio operates. The stories linked above are examples of amateur radio being the only ones available for that emergency to get to the authorities.

Readers should be aware that the FCC will be collecting $35 license fees but it is not expected to start before the summer see the ARRL article.

Preppers interested in getting their amateur radio license has a couple of options for studying.  The preferred method I suggest is a book 2018-2022 Technician Class by Gordon West available from Amazon. Amazon may have an ad for a newer of this item is available but that is not true.  You want to make sure you study for the Technician Class license for the dates between 2018-2022.  You may find other ads but just purchase books for the questions between 2018-2022.  If you are on a budget a free option is available. You may download the free PDF Version of No Nonsense Technician Study GuideThis will have all the questions you will have on the exam.  Many people have passed their exam just by memorization of the questions. Register a user name at eham.net. You will not need a call sign at this point just a suitable user name. You will use this website to check your progress of study questions at Technician Exam.Hamstudy.org is another good study resource. Study for the Technician Exam here. As you get above 80% scores you may be ready to take your exam. Register for the exam at the FCVET site. Register on the closest date that is indicated or select other and indicate your day of week and time preference in the comments.  You will need your FRN at this point so if you need instructions see Five County Steps to tech website.

Taking a class is another option but studying ahead of time by the methods listed is suggested. W4CEC has a class on July 10, 17 & 24. At the American Legion Post 187 in Wake Forest, NC.   You must register for his class at W4CEC.COM. The exam will be on the last day of the class.  W4CEC’s class and exam are free but you must register.

I hope this helps preppers and others navigate the amateur radio licensing process.  Thank you for reading.