K-0632 Monongahela National Forest

Amateur Radio, POTA

Plaque for Rick Newman

This page is dedicated to my friend Rick Newman.  The trip to activate this park was made by two of his mutual friends W4JE and me in order to look at the bench erected at Green Bank Telescope in his honor. Rick lost his battle with cancer but his memory is not forgotten.


This was one of my first activation attempts without a more experienced activator with me.  Unfortunately I miscounted the number of contacts and when I got home it was only 9 contacts. Double check your log. Also write down the log information or record your activity before or as you make contact. I would like to thank my friend W4JE Andrew Clegg.  He convinced me it was ok to operate our station in the Radio Quiet Zone.  He is a Radio Engineer and has some kind of credentials in Radio Astronomy.