K-6934 #4

Amateur Radio, Portable, POTA

Activating NC K-6934 #4

Another nice day for activating. Today I chose to activate the park that stretches from my home county over to the next county but I chose to activate from the Anson County side. I was able to get the antenna up in 3 throws.
* MFJ-1984HP, ENDFED 1/2 Wave 40-10M
* IC-706MKG HF/VHF/UHF All Mode Transceiver
* MFJ Model MFJ-969 Deluxe Versa Tuner II antenna tuner
* Bioenno Power 12V 20Ah 240 Watt-hours Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
* Bioenno Power 28 Watt Foldable Solar Panel
* Bioenno Power 12V/24V 30A Solar Charge Control
* CW Morse Blue Micro Morse Code Key W/ Aluminum Base

Here are the numbers

20m 31
40m SSB 10 CW 5
15m SSB 4
17m SSB 1

51 contacts total.
Two operators worked me Two bands 20 and 15 VE2YYC and KI4YZN thanks to all the hunters and p2p

And on the way home I was lucky not to have hit a turtle crossing the street. I turned around and stopped and put it on the grass to the area he was headed but I noticed it had turned back around and was headed to cross the street,