K-6947 #20 Air Plaque Event

Portable, POTA

What a weekend!

Thanks for the new Air Plaque Event. On Saturday I helped KE8WDY Olivia get started activating her first park NC  K-8010 and learn how to set up the antenna and upload all the logs.  We had a two operators until we got the park activated then I turned it over to her and she made 25 more contacts. She did a great job. We decided to call it a day.

On Sunday I got to NC K 6947  park about 3:00 and hung the MFJ-1984HP, ENDFED 1/2 Wave 40-10M. I kind of rushed out with the battery not fully charged.  About 730 I answered a CQ from PA I heard him call a couple of times  and decided to answer him I told him I was portable and he looked me up on QRZ and he found out about another interest  I have in astronomy and scouting turns out studies radio probation during the eclipse and participated in Jamboree on the air as a scout. Interesting QSO.  After that I decided to finish up with CW contacts and called cq and the battery died. That was ok because I was ready and I need to remember not to rush things. 138 QSO’s prior record was 120 under the tutoring of  NC4XL.  Thanks to all the hunters and p2p. And thanks to  N4CMD  an eyeball visit. I don’t know how he found me in the 65000 acres. De n4mqu