K-6947 #9

Amateur Radio, Portable, POTA

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NC K-6947 Sandhills State Game Land

I have said it before myself it is not broken don’t fix it.  In amateur radio it’s important to try different setups and don’t get caught up in a rut.  I purposely set up using the MFJ Short HF Mobile Ham-tenna.  It was a beautiful sunny day for park activity. I actually went to a different area of the park.  Today I hit pay dirt. Three California stations on 10 meters and Two Arizona stations on ten.  Then I heard a station say VK. Australia couldn’t be but it was VK4NH. Another DX station came in PZ2YT  Yudel from Suriname.

I remember my novice days it took forever to get California.

I think today was one for the books or was that yesterday?  Sorry for my enthusiasm.

Thanks to the 11 p2p and the hunters.  I will be back to NC K-8010 this week to finish the kilo. De n4mqu.

10 8 contacts

20 5 contacts

40 13 contacts