K-8010 #21

Amateur Radio, Portable, POTA

Second highest QSO Total 107

NC K-8010. Mckinney Lake State Fish Hatchery. I had my second highest solo QSO total. Great day for being by the lake I went to a different area of the park. I tried 10 and 12 but no QSO

40, 20, 17 and 15 successful contacts 37 contacts from my kilo award for the park.  On the hunting side I finally got Arizona missing WY, HI, and AK

Thanks to the hunters and p2p had several mobile and QRP stations. Thanks for reading de n4mqu

 Met a new friend with a new radio X-6100 here is the recording I made of our QSO. Another friend is encouraging me to get one. He insist that he didn’t put anyone up to contacting me but I was impressed with W4BUS Judd’s impression of his new radio.

Please don’t be afraid of CW. I get a high everytime someone responds to my call. Here is a audio extract of several contacts I made yesterday. I make mistakes and most likely don’t respond properly but don’t worry about it NC K-8010 de n4mqu