Activating K-8010 #17 My 100th Activation

Amateur Radio, Portable, POTA

I have said it before and I’ll say it again if you had to test for your aptitude to get your amateur radio license I wouldn’t be licensed. Realizing that yesterday was my hundred activation really pleased me.  NC K-8010;McKenny Lake State Fish Hatchery is a special place being down the street from my fathers birthplace. I appreciate the p2p and hunters. 37 phone contacts and 5 CW contacts.  My friend and fellow Rockingham resident Mark Dawkins N4MCD made a surprise visit.  I got to work many friends the funniest contact was hearing a weak signal from my friend in Virginia W4JE. He had the Icom 7610 set to 0 and I still heard him. He later rechecked in and was his normal strong signal. My friend Tripp Owens checked in from my former home park NC-K-3854 on CW.  Trip played an important role in me upgrading to General by getting my code speed up to 13 wpm back in the day. Thanks for reading.  De n4mqu