Why I Accepted the Fact That I am A Sinner

My Testimony, Prayer

I had always heard we have all sinned.  I didn’t think I was a sinner until I started to learn what it says in the Bible about what sin is. I thought I was a kind person and if I could help someone I did.  One day as a young adult in the early 70’s  I was taking the bus from the library in downtown Norfolk and this elderly lately asked for change. I knew people sometimes take money and used it for alcohol.  I told her not to use it for alcohol.  She seemed very great full. In reality it was none of my business what she used the money for.  In recent times I have been studying.  I have read scripture as to what sin is and what it isn’t according to scripture.  I came to the conclusion just because you don’t murder and commit your sin involving others does not mean you are not a sinner. I sin by lusting over what others have and not being great full for what God has given me despite what decisions I had made in my life. I know I am not taking care of my body like I should. God has given me grace and allowing me to continue being on the earth doing good works using the gifts he has granted me.  I know I am a sinner but I know he has forgiven me of my sins and he will forgive you too. To be continued.