How do you know you are talking to God?

My Testimony, Prayer

How does a person know if you are talking to God?  I hear people say pray about that.  What is the difference between praying about it and things working itself out?  I just got some wisdom.  When you pray about stuff like I prayed about my telescope problem. I could not focus the image. I thought my astronomy career was over. I thought I would have to pay a couple of hundred dollars for shipping in addition to the repair and I didn’t think I would be successful in the repair.  I tried searching the problem and found the same problem but that solution didn’t help. I asked a friend if it is ok to pray about mechanical stuff and he said yes it was and gave me the scripture. I will edit this when I find it.  Finally another friend I told about the problem found a company that repaired telescopes and I emailed them.  He called me very quickly and we discussed the problem and he offered to do a zoom meeting to see if he could walk me thru to repair it for a fee.  I interviewed him about his background and based on his response I agreed and we set a date.  When the call came the video came up and the guy was wearing a cross.  Now I know a cross does not have to mean you are a Christian so I asked him if a testimony came with the cross.  He said he was in the music ministry of 3 churches.  So we went thru several steps and behold I was able to focus my telescope on trees after following his instructions.  In another problem I had is trying come up with a schedule for a group I have.  If I change from the first Saturday to the second Saturday a couple of people couldn’t make it but my meeting comes the same day as another group so they could attend that meeting if I changed the week.  So I am in the process of seeing if the other place is available.  If it is not available does that mean God doesn’t want me to change or thru a little more effort I could get another place to hold my meeting?  When does circumstances change based on one owns effort versus intervention?  I think the answer is when you pray about a problem power comes from God but when you do it own your own initiative things may work out but just by your skill set you learned over the years. I don’t have any scripture to quote  today but if you would like to send me some I will look at it and edit this blog.   

 My Testimony