The great Jupiter Saturn Conjunction

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December 2020

The first night I saw Saturn thru my eyepiece in my Celestron 8 Edge HD, It was great. But to see the glow of Jupiter made me realize what was coming soon. The next night I saw Jupiter and Saturn in the same eyepiece without using peripheral vision. The next time I saw Jupiter and Saturn I realized I was seeing 7 moons from three different planets. One thing I do enjoy is sharing my hobbies with others.

2020-12-18 I invited my friends from Wendell over and introduced them to Jupiter and Saturn.

2020-12-19 The next night I promised my wife I would set up in our driveway. It worked out real well with a clear view of the southwest horizon.  It was partly cloud all day but seem to clear at first and we got a nice few of Jupiter and Saturn and she got to see it in the same field of view.  I decided to invite my neighbors Martha and Dan over to see the spectacular event.  They accepted my offer and got too see the event too. Unfortunately it clouded up shortly shortly after they witnessed the event but I think they enjoyed it. Astronomy is one hobby that takes perseverance and persistence. Thanks for reading.

Neighbors Martha and Dan

December 20, 2020 –  Oops cloudy but that’s ok. Forecast is clear for tomorrow night.  A professional astronomer currently out of the field friend called me for my input on where the planets were.  He called me after 7 so I had to tell him they had already set.


December 21, 2020 – Great Jupiter and Saturn Conjunction.  Cloudy during the morning but it finally cleared out for the event.  I had invited a few friends and some new friends.  Everything went very smoothly.  We had 5 telescopes.  We had three amateur radio operators at the event.  I was super excited to show all the visitors the the great Jupiter and Saturn conjunction

The Great Jupiter and Saturn Conjunction

The Great Jupiter and Saturn Conjunction Hugh with his telescope and camera

Two of the three hams at the event. Here is Ted and Hugh.

Dobsonian 8 during twilight before the Jupiter Saturn Conjunction


Jupiter and Saturn Conjunction Dobsonian 8″

Witnesses to the Great Jupiter and Saturn Event

Witness waiting to look thru telescope at conjunction.

Witness after looking at Jupiter Saturn Conjunction

Witness of the Jupiter Saturn conjunction with moon over head.


December 22, 2020 We went out again to view the conjunction.  I think it was just about the same view as the night of the closest approach.

December 23, 2020

December 24, 2020

December 25, 2020 – Christmas Day Another Clear night did enjoy viewing the conjunction again but it was bitterly cold.  I was able to set up in my driveway.

December 26, 2020 – Another clear night.  Looked at the Jupiter and Saturn with my eyes without optical aid and they are definitely separating.


I enjoy my astronomy hobby and hope to see you at an astronomy event soon.

Be sure to read my blog about why this conjunction is not the Christmas Star.