The Elusive Triple Conjuction

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2021 Tripple Conjunction

Sunset image

Attempt to capture Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn. ISO 400 18 mm 0 ev f 3.5 1/30s

This is my attempt on January 13, 2021 to capture the triple conjunction of Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn. I was not successful but I think I did get the focusing better after I put my glasses on. I am reading the book Astrophotography is Easy. In this book the author points out how putting your glasses on when taking your pictures you get better results. I had been taking off my glasses so I wouldn’t loose them in the field. He address this issue too. Put a chain around your glasses so if they fall off you will not loose them in the ground.

N4MQU Experimenting different settings ISO 400 18 mm 0 ev f/22 1/4s on tripod