lone flower in the yard

Metal Detecting Vacant Lot

Metal Detecting
Featured image above: The purple flower was the only flower in the vacant lot as I went to start my metal detecting.

The house on this lot had burnt down maybe in 2020. As I understand it use to be a doctor’s office.  The doctor charged $3.00 for an office visit.  Ever since it burnt down I wanted to find out who owned it so I could get permission to go metal detecting on it.  Turns out the first non-relative person that ever gave me permission (see video below) to detect also knew who the owner was and asked and received permission for me to detect. I was using a Fisher F44 and a Silver King metal detector circa 1985.  I hadn’t been detecting in a while but I introduced my friend Jason to metal detecting.  We found few nails and some large metal item we haven’t identified yet. Thanks for reading.

Tools for metal detecting

The metal detector I am using now is a F44.  When I changed the batteries in the Silver King I was surprised it still worked.

Jason’s first find

What is it?

As you become a metal detector you will find yourself just looking down and finding stuff.


I did my weekly Monday weigh-in and I found I lost 4.8 pounds.  The guy in this vintage commercial was right!



My first permission from non-relative