My trip to the emergency room

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Emergency Room (ER) Visit

By Mark Gibson (N4MQU)

Sometimes things don’t  go well for humans medically.  This happened to me in mid July of 2021.  I enjoyed a nice dinner of left over Chinese take out order and just dished out some butter pecan ice cream. I started noticing a real bad dizziness and it didn’t get better when I closed my eyes.  I rushed thru my ice cream and laid down but that didn’t help.  I started thinking about going to the Emergency Room (ER) but decided to see if I got better.  That was about 7 PM.  By 8:15 PM it wasn’t better and based on an experience in the past decided to take an ambulance versus having someone carry you there.  (20 years ago) Seems like they were quicker to treat you. I also started vomiting.  I had my wife call 911 and after she completed the call started to stumble around to the front porch to wait. I had another vomiting episode and was still dizzy.  I had the vomiting before but not the dizziness.  The ambulance arrived and I wanted to take a picture but didn’t.  I looked up to see the crescent moon and noticed the sky getting clearer. I wanted to take a picture.  They did what ever they did as I was sitting in the chair and when they completed it asked me to walk over with them to the stretcher. I got on the stretcher and they wheeled me to the ambulance. I thanked the two crew members and they secured me in the vehicle. My wife said the ambulance was there a long time before they left.  They were checking my blood pressure temperature and sugar level.  I guess they were seeing if I had a stroke or heart attack. They finally started moving.  I didn’t hear any sirens and couldn’t really tell how fast they got to the hospital but finally did and had me stand up and get into the wheelchair.  They wheeled me  into the er waiting room and the ambulance attendant left me and shortly after I heard my name but didn’t know what to do but finally someone got me and checked me in the er.  I was not feeling any better and thoughts were going thru my head is this the end for me?  I wasn’t worried about my salvation because I had been studying the Bible with my friends at The Passage Church .  By faith we are saved not by works.  Confess with your mouth and believe in your heart that Jesus is lord you will be save.  I know all that as fact.  The only thing I was worried about was my family and friends Did I need to give any instructions to my family how will my friends know that I was gone does it really matter? By faith I know that my household is saved. I just don’t know about my friends.  Have I witnessed to enough of them to give them the knowledge of Jesus Christ?  We had a speaker come and mentioned the millions of people that have never heard of Jesus Christ.  Did all those people that helped me in the ER know Jesus?  I should have asked them.  In my dad’s hometown Rockingham, NC there was a guy Preacher Davis.  It’s been told to me that everyone he came in contact with he asks them if they know Jesus. I want to me more like Preacher Davis.  On your trip to the ER will you be as confident as I was about your destiny? You can be.  See John 3:16

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.

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I will be needing to go see some doctors about the diagnosis of Vertigo.  Also found a narrow artery in my neck nothing to do with my condition I was experiencing but they found it on my MRI.

Thanks to all the EMS people and all the staff that handled the patient.  All of them were wonderful to me.  I tried to thank everyone as I was progressing but know I missed I some.  I also thank the IT and other people the patient does not see.
Thanks for reading.